Friday, February 17, 2012

T Minus 5 Days - Heading Out Californee Way

"Airplane, airplane,
Don't you go down today;
Take me away, off to a better place,
You know just where I'd like to go;
Please get me there on time,
Don't delay me from losing my mind."
 -- Plain White T's, Airplane
I mentioned in my last post that I've had way too much to do. Well, other than at work, most of that ran out a couple of weeks ago. Since then time has been dragging, and I've had way too much time to sit around and think, and make myself anxious. I couldn't wait for today to come, just so that it could be over with.

I've had various pre-admission phone appointments over the last week with Dr. Bowers' staff, Dr. Beck's staff, and the hospital staff. We've booked flights, hotels, a rental car, etc. I think we're ready, but I know I'll forget something. Hopefully it's something stupid and small, like toothpaste. ;)

I stopped most of my hormones a little over a week ago. I'm still on a little bit of estrogen, but temporarily off progesterone, and thankfully I'll never have to take spiro (testosterone-blockers) again. Yay!

After a few days off hormones, I started having mild headaches that won't go away. Normally, the only time I get headaches is when I'm about to get sick, so it's been really scaring me. Getting sick right before surgery would not be good. So far, the headaches are the extent of the physical discomfort, though.

A few days ago the mood swings hit. It really seems unfair that I had to stop hormones during one of the most emotional times of my life. In addition to minor bouts of depression and anxiety, I've been feeling really self-centered. I'm making an effort to reach out to friends to help them, but at some point I also have to accept that it's ok to be a little self-involved right now, even though that's tough for me to do.

The great support I've gotten from friends and family has helped a lot. (THANK YOU!!!) I'm never down for too long before a new heartfelt text or Facebook message rolls in to remind us how loved we are. I also got an insanely sweet 'Good Luck' card from a bunch of friends that made me tear up a couple of times while playing Dungeons and Dragons. I am so freaking lucky.

My last day in the office was on Wednesday. It's strange thinking that I won't work again for around six weeks. My boss was super cool about it, though, and helped me wrap everything up and train people to cover for me. We had a last meeting to make sure everything was settled, and she kept telling me to forget about work for a while. =)

The only real uncertainty remaining is my time off work being qualified as medical leave. I'm still pretty sure it will go through, but they don't give the official word until I'm actually hospitalized, which seems idiotic.

Tonight, we're stopping by my sister's to receive a mystery present, then to Erin's mom's, and finally to the airport to fly to LA. Honestly, I'm a little bit terrified of the TSA right now. I've heard way too many horror stories of people who got pulled aside, outed, or berated because their bodies didn't look like "normal" male or female bodies under the scanners. I can deal with answering questions and outing myself. But I can be really defensive and ornery if I feel I'm being pushed farther than I should be, and the TSA are the last people I want to be ornery with. >_<

Tomorrow, we'll be in Disneyland with Erin's awesome brother who lives in that area. In two days, we'll be hanging out with Erin's grandparents and other family from around there before driving up to the San Francisco area. The last time I saw her grandparents, I'd just started transitioning, but didn't tell them. Later I found out that Erin's mom told them, and that they were amazing about it, so I'm excited to let them see the real me.

In three days, we'll be meeting with Dr. Bowers, then hanging out in San Francisco. In four, we'll meet with Dr. Beck, and I'll spend the day stuck in the hotel drinking a bowel prep, and not eating anything. And in five days, I'll be on the operating table!

It's so surreal to think that in less than a week, my body will be significantly changed forever. It's nerve-wracking, but it's exciting! At the same time, I know that the surgery itself is just the beginning, since I'll spend the next few weeks/months healing. Still, I'm huge on life experiences, I wouldn't trade this ride for anything.

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