Friday, February 12, 2010


"But there never seems to be enough time,
To do the things you want to do,
Once you find them.
I've looked around enough to know,
That you're the one I want to go
Through time with."
-- Jim Croce, Time in a Bottle

Today, Erin and I are officially engaged.

I haven't talked much about Erin here in the past, mostly because I didn't feel comfortable putting her on the spot. That sort of thinking is honestly silly, since she agreed without hesitation to stay with me through transition, and has never been ashamed of me. I just tend to feel like she doesn't know what she's gotten herself into, like I have to protect her from the prejudices of the real world, and sometimes I forget that all too often she's the one protecting me.

Four years ago, I saw Erin's profile on MySpace, and was attracted by three things: her gorgeous picture, her nerdiness, and the word "androgyny." I told our mutual friend that I thought Erin was cute, we began talking, and the rest is history.

I won't lie and say that we haven't fought from time to time, or that our relationship has never been rocky, but I believe one major thing has held it together: trust. I have never in my life felt as though I could trust another human as much as I trust her. She has integrity, of a type that I never thought I would find.

Erin was the first person I came out to, about 14 months ago, and though it was hard for her to accept at first, she has always supported me. We've talked about marriage many times over the last few years, but I have a major fear of permanence, and knew that we didn't communicate as well as we should. Over the last year, we've been forced to work together and support eachother in entirely new ways; out of necessity, our communication skills have grown, and we have become closer than ever.

With our relationship becoming stronger every day, I realized that the only excuse I had left was my fear. If there is one thing that my transition has taught me, it's that the things I'm most afraid of can also be the most worthwhile, as long as I'm willing to give them all the effort and energy they deserve.

This realization, along with the fact that we won't be able to legally marry after I change my legal gender, placed an urgency on the subject. A few weeks ago, we again started talking about marriage, about who would propose to who, about how we should go about it. Last week, we made plans to go to the jewelry store together. Later, I found out that Erin had been preparing a romantic proposal with a Ring Pop, to be replaced at a later date, and I almost wish she would have gone through with it; I would've bawled. ;)

Last Saturday, we picked out matching solitaire diamond rings, then held our breath for the next five days, as we waited for them to be assembled. Today, the rings were finally finished, and we "made it official."

As an aside, the person that helped us at Shane Co. was great. Being a transgender woman, in a "lesbian" relationship, with a low budget, and living in Salt Lake City can be a scary combination sometimes, but he was completely professional. He listened to what we wanted, he gave us options without trying to upsell us, and he never once acted like anything was abnormal or out of place.

The rings are beautiful, simple, and effective. The glint catches my eye from time to time, and makes me smile uncontrollably. We haven't set a date for the wedding yet, but we're discussing it, and it probably won't be that far off. Thanks to everyone who has congratulated us so far, it means a lot to have the support of so many friends and family!

Most of all, thanks Erin, for loving me unconditionally, and wanting to grow old with me as badly as I want to grow old with you.


  1. I seriously love you two. You are so adorable. Couples like you are the reason I fight the fight.

  2. So did you each propose to the other? or did you just exchange the rings or what?

  3. Once again, I am so very happy for you both! It makes me smile from ear to ear when I think of how I had to persuade the two of you to talk to each other. I'm pretty sure that this is the only good thing that came out of myspace ;) Love you guys!

  4. Woody - Thank you, and keep up the good work. ;)

    Birdie - We each asked the question, though it obviously wasn't a surprise to either of us, hehe. Afterward, we exchanged the rings.

    Ber - We were shy! =P Thanks for persuading!

  5. "If there is one thing that my transition has taught me, it's that the things I'm most afraid of can also be the most worthwhile..." - so true. Congratulations!